The Lemon Creek Route

A guy has to work, it’s just one of those things. Gotta pay for those bike parts somehow, right? So what if you wanna get in a lengthy pedal, with no days off in the foreseeable future? Easy, leave after work. Even if it’s somewhere in the neighborhood of 120 km, with a couple thousand vertical meters. And you’re guaranteed to get back well after dark. Just pack the lights, warm layers and be ready for it, right? Doesn’t make rolling into the driveway at 2 am any easier. But, damn that was fun….

The route: Six Mile Lakes/Lemon Creek/Slocan Valley.

It’s a loop based in Nelson, BC that fringes on Kootenay National Park. Gear up in town, head across BOB (the Big Orange Bridge), and east along scenic Kootenay Lake. A casual pedal will get you to Six Mile Road, turn left onto out and start heading uphill. This is basically the meat of the route, most of the climbing is done right here. But enjoy the grunt, as you roll through old growth forest, wildflowers, and well graded gravel. Once you near the top, you have a few choices. You can continue on, and push through the loop. Or camp out at one of the BC rec sites. The first one, is the one at Six Mile Lakes, and the other a little further on at Sasquatch Lake. Please respect any fire bans that may be in place, and pack everything out with you. Shortly after Sasquatch, you reach the intersection with Lemon Creek Road. At this point it is currently decommissioned, but sees regular traffic from motorbikes. And from here it’s mostly a downhill cruise to the valley bottom. Once you run out of gravel, cross the highway and look for the Slocan Valley Rail signs. There’s a kiosk with general info and a map.







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